Story + Sound Events works with brands and orgs to create feel-good community events that engage audience in a unique and organic way. produces relevant story and sound events to take the storyteller and audience on a journey. Our events delight audiences and celebrate themes to create more connected communities. 

You’ll find us popping up at unexpected places: Surf Camps, Company Retreats, Conferences, Environmental Campaigns. Each event is created, developed and themed for both the storytellers and audience. Behind the scenes, we teach our storytellers to find and develop their story in a way that moves their audience.


Jennifer Capo is from California and has been immersed in the story world as her side hustle for the last 15 years. She’s been on CNN as a correspondent for breaking news events, a commercial and film actress, and worked production. She’s also worked in tech start ups as a mentor while producing events internationally.

Her passion is to teach others to share engaging stories in an easy, fun way and to take risks. Life is the stage.


Stories are transformative and powerful tools to communicate, engage and connect audiences in a more meaningful way.   


Be a creator and curator in the world.    

Stories matter.